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Structural Dynamics (individual and team psychometric assessments)

Business Meeting

Structural Dynamics is an empirically-proven and innovative approach for improving face-to-face communication – helping turn interpersonal differences into dynamic discourse. Structural Dynamics is ideal for individuals and organizations striving for more effective and mindful interpersonal communication.


  • The Kantor Baseline Instrument is a psychometric assessment for individuals which measures everyday communication tendencies along three dimensions: action modes, operating systems and communication domains. It is an invaluable tool for developing greater conversational depth, range and fluency, as well as the ability to “read the room.”


  • The Team Baseline Profile is the Kantor Institute’s group assessment tool, which explores team effectiveness and aggregates each member’s individual profile to produce a customized collective profile. The instrument predicts the ways in which teams will typically get stuck and allows practitioners to make actionable recommendations for change.


The individual Baseline Instrument is very effective s ideal for leaders of organizations striving for more effective and mindful interpersonal communication, while the Team Baseline Profile is terrific for team offsites and group training activities.


Only practitioners licensed by the Kantor Institute are trained and certified to use these tools and apply the theory of Structural Dynamics in their consulting practices. Laura is one of only two licensed practitioners in Asia.


Prices begin at $4,000 HKD per individual assessment, $30,000 HKD for two to three-hour team debrief. For more information please email

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