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Offerings for Corporate Comms Teams

Empower Your Corporate Communications Team 

Corporate communications teams are at the forefront of shaping an organization's reputation and maintaining vital connections with diverse stakeholders. Their unique psychology and pivotal role as stewards of a company's image demand innovative solutions. Conduit Consultants comprehends the complexities of these teams like no other, leveraging the power of psychology and neuroscience to unlock their full potential.


Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Corporate Communications

In today's dynamic business environment, the boundaries between public affairs and corporate communications have become increasingly blurred. As a result, teams are tasked with a broader range of strategic responsibilities, covering reputation management, events, government affairs, employee engagement, and societal impact/CSR. Conduit Consultants recognizes these shifting demands and equips your team with the strategic capabilities to excel in this evolving landscape.


Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Communication

Transformative technologies, such as ChatGPT, are reshaping the communications profession. While these innovations bring improvements, they also pose challenges. Conduit stays at the forefront of these advancements, helping your team embrace technology as an ally rather than an existential threat. We work to ensure that your team remains adaptive, agile, and future-proof in the face of technological disruption.


Unleash the Power of Psychology and Neuroscience

Laura literally wrote the book on neuroscience and organizational communication, and offers fantastic insights found nowhere else. Neuroscience offers tantalizing clues for bolstering the effectiveness of both leadership and corporate communication, including howpronoun use bolsters trust and belonging, weasel words and other linguistic contortions (and how they trigger threat responses in the brain), how sentiment analysis predicts both financial performance and employee engagement, and the pernicious influence of thought-terminating clichés in organizational discourse.


Partner with Us

When partnering with Conduit, you'll know you're in business with someone who truly comprehends the intricacies of corporate communications. Through our psychology and neuroscience-driven approach, we empower your team to navigate the ever-changing landscape with confidence, elevating your impact and influence.


The pressure is mounting, but so is the opportunity. Contact Conduit today and unlock the potential of your communication.

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