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Workshops and business seminars
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With extensive experience in designing and delivering outstanding executive education, Laura’s workshops are intellectually rigorous, but emphasize practice as much as theory, drawing from neuroscience research, leadership and business psychology. The concentrated nature of the workshops helps participants focus on growth outcomes and supercharge their results.


Workshops typically include:


  • Expert seminars with individual and group activities

  • Reflection exercises to support learning

  • Laura’s recommendations for books, apps, and additional resources 


Structurally, and time-permitting, workshops will include opening check-ins (for participants to practice mindfulness and listening without resistance), container building (e.g., establishing psychological safety, group norms, mutual learning mindset), and will emphasize experiential elements. Breaks will incorporate mindfulness techniques. Also, because physical environment exerts a powerful influence on group interactions, Laura will encourage the group to exercise a certain amount of control over the space whenever possible.


Laura designs bespoke workshops, depending on your organization's unique needs. Some of the most popular topics include:

  • How to create and sustain a thriving organizational culture

  • The psychology of teams and teamwork

  • Adaptive leadership

  • Understanding racial and cultural identity at work

  • Leading teams for performance and impact

  • Managing difficult conversations

  • Change management

  • The neuroscience of leadership

  • Managing virtually (including tips from neuroscience for preventing Zoom fatigue)

  • Menopause and women's leadership


 Workshops can be delivered in person or virtually. Prices begin at $25,000 Hong Kong Dollars. For additional information, please contact


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