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Neuro for Comms

Neuro for Comms is Conduit Consultants’ flagship program, based on Dr. Laura McHale's acclaimed new book, Neuroscience for Organizational Communication: A Guide for Communicators and Leaders. 


Sessions can be targeted to business leaders and executives or to professional business communicators, and may be booked as one-off programs (such as executive education or MD induction programs) or as a “boot camp” intensive (such as for communication team offsites).

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The neuroscience of executive word choice 

This fascinating seminar shares insights from cultural neuroscience — in particular, how pronoun use triggers subtle but profound changes in the brain, and how this impacts people from different cultures in different ways. With an emphasis on “I” versus “we” pronouns, this seminar will explore how a more agile and strategic use of pronouns can make executive communication more effective. We also explore clusivity (the inclusive versus exclusive “we”) and the perils of the overuse of “I.”

The neuroscience of leadership communication 

This seminar explores two models from the emerging field of neuroleadership that are especially useful for business leaders. Participants will understand the primary threat and reward triggers in the brain and develop a holistic view of human needs at work — with practical examples of how these concepts can be applied to executive communication. 

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The body at work 

This seminar, targeted to corporate real estate and COO teams, explores the somatic experience of work, the neuroscience and psychology of spatial design, and other critical considerations for workplace redesign strategy. 

The neurocommunicator’s toolkit 

This seminar, for corporate communicators, explains the neuroscience of stress, and introduces three interventions from the research that can activate the stress cascade at work: mindfulness, affect labeling, and cognitive reframing. We discuss how to apply these interventions to organizational communication.

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